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The Kissinger Conversations, Supplement: A Verbatim Record of U.S. Diplomacy, 1969–1977

Henry Kissinger remains a larger-than-life figure in contemporary American culture as well as official U.S. foreign policy and decision-making circles. His tenure as national security advisor and secretary of state continues to be seen as a defining moment for America's global position. This compilation, comprising 639 records, updates the National Security Archive's substantial body of documents focusing on Kissinger's roles in policymaking and diplomacy under presidents Nixon and Ford. The collection includes freshly declassified memoranda of telephone conversation (telcons) and transcripts of National Security Council and State Department meetings and overseas trips. The topics of the documents cover a wide range of Nixon and Ford administration concerns, including the Vietnam War and related military actions in Laos and Cambodia; Middle East peace talks; conflicts in Jordan, Cyprus, and Angola; the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; international terrorism; and U.S. government surveillance of American citizens. Other topics include economic warfare against Chile during the Allende years; Kissinger's trips to Latin America; and the 1971 South Asia crisis. Some of the telcons from 1976 stem from Kissinger's search for legal advice against a lawsuit filed by former NSC staffer Morton Halperin who had been wiretapped on Kissinger's instructions. The extensive interactions between Kissinger and his high-level interlocutors from around the globe make the memcons a critically important source not only for the study of U.S. diplomatic and military history but also for other fields of history and the social sciences. The nearly verbatim nature of Kissinger's telephone conversations and meetings provides unparalleled insights into the U.S. policy process, notably presidential decision-making.

Electronic Surveillance and the National Security Agency: From Shamrock to Snowden

Electronic Surveillance and the National Security Agency: From Shamrock to Snowden is a collection of leaked and declassified records documenting U.S. and allied electronic surveillance policies, relationships, and activities. It serves as an addition to several National Security Archive documents sets - including those on U.S. Intelligence and the National Security Agency. The records provide information on the limitations imposed on electronic surveillance activities, organizations, legal authorities, collection activities, and liaison relationships.

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